Legal boundary surveys

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Before purchasing, subdividing, or building, have a licensed surveyor conduct an accurate land assessment. For the best surveying services in Auckland, Neighbours Surveying is your primary choice.

Legal boundary surveys

If you are embarking on a land development project in Auckland, renovating an existing building or building a new boundary fence or wall, you may need to know where your property boundaries are. As part of our surveying services we provide full boundary redefinition surveys tailored to your needs.

If your title is limited as to parcels, which means your boundaries have never been surveyed before and your land area and dimensions are not guaranteed. You may need to have a full legal survey of boundaries undertaken to support a resource consent application or land development design. We are qualified as licensed cadastral surveyors to provide a full legal boundary definition survey.

Before purchasing a property, as an exercise in due diligence you may wish to know where the property boundaries are. Call us.

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