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Wide range of surveying services in Auckland

Before purchasing, subdividing, or building, have a licensed surveyor conduct an accurate land assessment. For the best surveying services in Auckland, Neighbours Surveying is your primary choice.

Legal boundary surveys

f you are embarking on a land development project in Auckland, renovating an existing building or building a new boundary fence or wall, you may need to know where your property boundaries are. As part of our surveying services we provide full boundary redefinition surveys tailored to your needs.

If your title is limited as to parcels, which means your boundaries have never been surveyed before and your land area and dimensions are not guaranteed. You may need to have a full legal survey of boundaries undertaken to support a resource consent application or land development design. We are qualified as licensed cadastral surveyors to provide a full legal boundary definition survey. 

Before purchasing a property, as an exercise in due diligence you may wish to know where the property boundaries are. Call us.

Topographical and site detail surveys

If you're building a new home, renovating or starting a land development project, we can undertake a topographical survey to your specifications and provide the required data in digital or hardcopy format to the architect. This becomes an invaluable document from which the design process can commence.

We also provide topographical and land mapping services and support for large infrastructure projects, major roading projects, schools, parks and reserves for local authorities. 

Subdivision of land

Neighbours Surveying offers considerable experience when it comes to subdivision of land. Various subdivision activities may include; 

  • Large Multi lot greenfield subdivisions
  • Small two to four lot subdivisions
  • Boundary adjustments
  • Freehold conversions of cross lease titles
  • Cross Lease and Unit Title subdivisions
  • Rural and lifestyle subdivisions
We can assist with the subdivision process from the initial concept through to the issue of new titles.

Our services include initial site appraisal for subdivision options; topographical survey, subdivisonal design, Scheme Plan preparation, Resource Consent applications and legal survey for Council and LINZ approval.

Neighbours Surveying works in collaboration with other professionals and Councils where other specialist input is required e.g.: geotechnical, flood assessment, structural engineering design, environmental assessments. Our experience in subdivision gives us an overall understanding of processes, local authority requirements, other specialist report requirements and how to bring these all together to guide your subdivision project to a successful conclusion – the issue of new titles. 

Resource consent applications for subdivisions

For a subdivision proposal, Councils require a Resource Consent application. There are many plans, reports and documents needed to support such an application. We can collate existing land information, survey the land, design the subdivision layout, prepare the Scheme Plan of the proposed subdivision, the subdivision report, an assessment of effects and seek adjoining owners consents if required. Sometimes additional specialist reports and a separate Land Use consent application may be needed to support the subdivision application. Neighbours Surveying works in collaboration with other professionals where specialist input is required eg: geotechnical, flood assessment, structural engineering design, environmental impact reports.

Our experience in subdivision gives us an overall understanding of processes, local authority requirements, other specialist report requirements and how to bring these all together to guide your subdivision project through the consenting process. 

Engineering and construction set out

We enjoy being involved in land development and infrastructure projects.

Before engineering construction commences, the builder or developer may need to accurately position the proposed works. We work in close communication with the project designer, engineer and builder to interpret the requirements and approved plans to find a surveying solution to the engineering request or construction set out using our modern surveying techniques. Some projects require positional control at various stages and with uploaded grid coordinates we are able to return to site at short notice to set out the position or height required by the contractor.  

As built surveys

Often a Council condition for the compliance of subdivision or development works is that an as built survey needs to be provided from a licensed cadastral surveyor. This may be necessary when a new public drainage system has been installed or extended. With above ground structures, verification may be required to show compliance with a development or planning controls. We can provide Councils with the required deliverable whether it be an As Built Plan generated from the field survey measurements or a report.

Major infrastructure engineering works often require an as built survey. This may involve monitoring surveys at regular intervals to check for movement or deformation or to provide information for a capital works inventory.

We have been involved in various infrastructure projects including the as built survey of school classroom blocks and the as built survey of a 220kv Transpower transmission cable installation in the South Island.rt.

Project certification

Land Use consents, subdivision consents and building consents are often subject to conditions that require producer statements. A typical requirement is to provide a certificate from a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. We provide a prompt efficient service to undertake an on site survey for the purpose, interpreting the Council approved plans, collaborating with the owner, builder and architect.

Certification may be required prior to construction to verify that boundaries have been surveyed or foundations have been set out. It may be required at framing stage to certify the building complies with what has been approved by Council. 
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